Crestwood Montessori is an exceptional early learning school. The Director, Dawn Burgess ensures a positive, welcoming, and caring environment for her students to develop their true potentials. She equally has a wonderful staff who foster challenging yet positive ways of learning.
Both my children went to Crestwood Montessori. They thrived in this learning environment. This school prepared them exceptionally well for entry into schools with Cogito programming and other academic learning environments.
My children from time to time still visit Dawn Burgess and the staff at the school.
Our family would highly recommend this school to other families.

— Komali Naidoo


I had four children, all with very different personalities, attend Crestwood Montessori over the last eight years and all have left happy, confident, and more than prepared to start elementary school. Dawn is an exemplary educator who is a wonderful role model for her staff and students. The learning environment was always warm, caring, and inviting. My kids looked forward to going to school every day. The staff at Crestwood are patient and understanding and demonstrate the highest of values. Crestwood has left such a positive impact on our families lives. I would highly recommend Crestwood Montessori to families seeking early education for their children.

— Manal M


Outstanding staff delivering the authentic Montessori curriculum with fun, enriching experiences for the kids. After doing a lot of research of various pedagogy and schools Crestwood was the only one I found that offered the genuine Montessori experience. Beware of schools using "Montessori" in their name- it is not regulated so there is no guarantee your child will get the Montessori tools & experience as was intended by Maria Montessori or even Montessori certified staff. Crestwood staff have even trained some of the staff in other Montessori's around the city- so why not just send your child to learn straight from the ones with the most experience & whom other schools ask to teach them how to teach as Montessori instructors? My daughter started at Crestwood at 2.5 yrs old and stayed for 3 yrs despite a one-way 25 minute commute everyday (& we would've kept coming if they had elementary school!). It was one of the best decisions for her to develop social interaction skills in a safe, warm & loving environment, but also coupled with activities, field trips and events that sparked her imagination and allowed a love of learning and school that has continued util today. The teachers here identify, develop & cultivate the skills based on each child- not just for their age and/ or grade level. They take the time to get to know each student and ensure he/she is respected, his/ her independence protected, his/her mind is stimulated & feels safe in pushing themselves & learning with self-correction as they believe that each child is eager & capable of learning in a supportive environment. They observe, interpret & evaluate progress & encourage student growth in the areas in which they excel & are well organized with events, parent communication & provide many opportunities for parents to be as involved in their child's learning as a parent can be. I wouldn't recommend any other school except Crestwood to start your child off on the right foot. My daughter still asks to visit and still enjoys the learning tools they have which she can apply at an advance level. It's unbelievable how much she learnt- not just academically- but about herself & how amazing it is to see years after "graduating" from preschool. We miss the phenomenal teachers and thoroughly enjoyed our time there! Completely worth it!

— Rachel Igarta


I highly recommend Crestwood Montesori if you want to give your child a headstart and solid foundation for the future. My daughter Sofia started her first year here at age 3. She is happy to go to school everyday and comes out excited to tell me what she learned. The curriculum at Montessori is great the children have a lot of activities they learn such as crafts, daily life skills (peeling carrots, cleaning, sewing, etc.), writing, reading, singing. They learn about countries and celebrate multiculturalism. The Montessori program is excellent but what makes this particular location top notch is the amazing teachers. They are so caring, friendly and inviting creating such a happy learning environment which you can see in each and everyone of the children that attends this school. The teachers are patient spending time with each child and nurture them to be confident, well mannered little individuals. Thank you!

— Cheryl M


Our daughter has been at Crestwood Montessori for the past two years. It has been an amazing experience for her and us. The atmosphere is very calm and inviting with a lot of room for individuality, learning and exploring! We would definitely recommend Crestwood Montessori and feel so grateful to have had the pleasure of knowing all the wonderful teachers!

— Branca Lakic


My son is in his second year of attending Crestwood Montessori part time. The staff are wonderful and so caring and patient. What I like about this preschool is that they teach the kids responsibilities and manners - the students were all so well behaved and the classroom is always very calm. They teach numbers and phonics as well, so they will be well prepared for kindergarten. Highly recommend!

— Janice Bealer


It's an absolute pleasure to have our child attending this school for the second year! The teachers are some of the best one can asked for. Very patient, meticulous, friendly and great at managing the kids. The Director (Dawn B.) herself is very much a hands-on individual and all the kids loves her! The program is very well executed and one can see the results when your child surprises you with what they had learnt. The school is also very clean and organized. Highly recommended!!

— Sebastian Lim


My daughter had attended Crestwood Montessori since she was 2.5 years old to until she was ready for Kindergarten. We chose this school as we wanted her to have more structure and to prepare her for kindergarten. We had interviewed a couple of Montessori schools and ended up choosing this one as the teachers here were all very experienced and genuinely wanted to help the children learn. My daughter is now in elementary and I can tell, she is definitely well prepared and excels far more than students I see who hasn’t attended any Montessori schools. My daughter at present still tells me how wonderful the teachers were there, definitely recommend.

— Josephine Poon


My daughter loved this school from day one. We had been at another preschool previously, and it was always a struggle to go. But here, she had the freedom to grow and learn as she needed to. And now, she's top of her grade one class! Mrs. Burgess and all the teachers here are lovely - there's not one bad thing to say about this school! I'll be sending my little guy there when he's three.

— Chris Rudinksy


My daughter Zainab was at Crestwood Montessori for two years. I had her registered in a part time program, as that is what worked best for us with our schedule. This is the only Montessori I found that even had the option of going part time as well, that was definitely an added bonus for me.
Despite being only part time, Zainab learned so much! She is thriving now in Grade 1 and I can see her applying so many concepts that she acquired at Montessori. Dawn and her team are amazing, both my daughter and I were in tears leaving Crestwood! I am now just waiting to put my youngest into Crestwood within a few years! Highly recommended :)

— Annie Layne